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Relationship of Memory to Smart Drugs

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Relationship of Memory to Smart Drugs

By Santosh Kumar Asthana

All of us are living in a competitive world, where it is very important to be updated in every field; otherwise, one can stay behind in professional as well as personal aspects. Our memory plays a fundamental role to maintain our ranking in every field, so if one is good at grasping or retaining the things, then he can very easily outshine in his career. Our Memory is similar to the hard drive of a computer, the more storage capacity it has, more useful it would be. Some of the scientists are researching on the substances, which would be useful to enhance the memory. Smart Drugs can do wonders for us in the following ways:

  • Improvise learning capabilities
  • Increase the brain metabolism
  • Increase the problem solving capabilities and presence of mind
  • Protects the brain from physical or other chemical damage

Apart from smart drugs, one can improvise the memory with some of the changes in the study habits, which is very useful specifically for the college students, as college is the foundation of any student that helps in the professional life as well.

In college, most of us may have had a little tough time to remember so many things at ones, due to more number of subjects or lack of grasping power. Here are a few College Study Tips that can help the upcoming college students to retain the things quickly:

  • Surroundings: It is better to surround yourself with the people who are smart or intelligent, as it would help you to get the latest updates about the several subjects, and you will get motivation from them.
  • Place of study: The ideal place to study requires a desk, a comfortable chair along with good lightings and silence.
  • Breaks: It is very important to take breaks after a limited amount of interval, as it eases you from extra burden of studies.
  • Study Time: Always start your studies at the time when you feel at the most comfortable level for the day, as you can study better at the time, when you feel yourself more comfortable for it.
  • Level of Comfort: Its better to start with the subject that interests you more, as it helps you to maintain a good pace at starting that helps you take over other complex subjects.
  • Make notes: It is better to make notes for the topics that you study, so that you can recall and retain them in your mind.
  • Review and Recite: It is one of the best Memory Techniques to review and recite the work, which you perform, as more we visualize and review the work, better we can retain that in our mind.

By following the above mentioned measures, one can very easily enhance the learning capabilities, and follow the path of success in his/her life.

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