Aniracetam – The Best Brain Boosting Drug

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Aniracetam belongs to a category of drugs called pyrrolidinones used to enhance cognitive function. Though initially developed and used for the treatment of diseases like dementia and Alzhiemers, new studies on Aniracetam’s effect on behavioural and psychological symptoms have widened the scope of this drug to include the treatment of various central nervous disorders and conditions

Aniracetam is prescribed by doctors to general people aw well who are otherwise normal and healthy but  just want to boost their mental abilities.

For example with aniracetam it is possible to improve memory recall, elevate mood and enhance the cognitive ability of the brain. There is a flood of memory enhancer drugs available in the market today. So you must be careful while choosing one for yourself. There is very little or no toxicity related to the use of Aniracetam with very few to no adverse effects.

The key function of this drug is that, it helps to modulate the acetylcholine system of the brain. This enables Aniracetam to enhance and improve the mental function of the brain and also increase the memory capacity. Not only that, researchers have found that Aniracetam has a beneficial effect on the immune system of the body.

Thus by improving the immune system, Aniracetam makes the body strong to fight minor infections and diseases, thereby promoting overall health and vitality. The smart drug is also very beneficial in the treatment of senile forgetfulness.

Research has shown Aniracetam to drastically increase cognitive health by promoting better absorption of the nutrients, as well as increasing the brain’s ability to use neurotransmitters more effectively.

Synaptine Elite, Sarpol, Ampapet etc. are the other market names of this drug.   The drug can be bought as a dietary supplement in the US. However this is not the case in Europe. In Europe Aniracetam is only available to patients with neurodegenerative conditions by prescription.

Recommended dosage is one or two tablets 750 mg on a daily basis. The dosage should not however exceed the recommended dose.

An interesting fact about these nootropics drugs is that these can be mix and matched with each other and sometimes the synergistic combination of two drugs proves to be more effective. However caution must be taken as Aniracetam may increase the effects of certain drugs, such as amphetamines, psychotropics, and Hydergine.

There are are no or very little adverse effects. Mild anxiety, sleeplessness etc are the minor adverse effects associated with this drug. Otherwise the medicine is completely safe to use and can be taken at  your own discretion.

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Hello, I am Mac leo from germany. As a health researcher, educator, and planner, I have worked in alternative and complementary medicine from many years. I am doing research on Aniracetam that help to improve memory recall.

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