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Nuvigil Review 2013

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Nuvigil Review

nuvigil reviewNuvigil is a prescription drug used to make people who suffer from sleep disorders more awake. People take Nuvigil to become more alert and to function better in their jobs, responsibilities, and personal lives. That’s why those who have narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or insomnia all can benefit from Nuvigil.

Nuvigil Side Effects

1) Insomnia: It is important to note that although Nuvigil helps people recover from sleepiness, it does not substitute for sleep. That’s why one of the main side effects is insomnia, even though it helps the tiredness that comes the next day. 2) Skin troubles: Some more side effects are skin-related, such as easy bruising, skin rashes, blistering, and peeling. 3) Sickness: Other side effects resemble flu or sickness symptoms, like headache, high fever, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting. 4) Heart problems: Chest pain and uneven heartbeat are serious side effects and should be considered when weighing pros and cons. 5) Oral pains: Dry mouth, mouth sores, and loss of appetite have been known to occur. 6) Psychiatric: Possibly the scariest side effects of Nuvigil are the hallucinations, anger, depression, and odd behaviors that people develop. But this is rare.

Nuvigil Dosage

People taking Nuvigil should be warned that taking it right before bedtime can cause insomnia, so the webiste suggests taking it approximately one hour before starting a work shift for optimum efficiency. Taking Nuvigil with food can postpone the absorption of the drug for up to two hours. Nuvigil comes in three different dosage-sized tablets: 50 milligrams, 150 milligrams, and 250 milligrams. A 150-mg tablet per day is the recommended dosage for those who suffer from Shift Work Disorder (SWD). Different dosages are recommended for different sleep disorders.

Nuvigil Price

  • For 50 mg tablets (30 count), the price varies between $158-$171.
  • For 150 mg tablets (30 count), the price varies between $481-$512.
  • For 250 mg tablets (30 count), the price varies between $488-$512.
  • For 50 mg tablets (60 count), the price varies between $310-$337.
  • For 150 mg tablets (60 count), the price varies between $975-$1015.
  • For 250 mg tablets (60 count), the price varies between $974-$1015.
  • For 50 mg tablets (90 count), the price varies between $463-$502.
  • For 150 mg tablets (90 count), the price varies between $1388-$1500.
  • For 250 mg tablets (90 count), the price varies between $1388-$1500.

(The difference in price greatly depends on the coupons that the retail pharmacies are willing to offer.)

Nuvigil Coupon

Pharmacies are not the only places that offer coupons on Nuvigil. Apparently, if you become part of the prescription co-pay program, the company gives out its own coupon. You can present with your First Prescription FREE offer, including the Nuvigil prescription co-pay card, with your first prescription for Nuvigil to any participating retail pharmacy (30 capsules minimum), and it gives savings on future prescriptions. Those prescribed can receive this coupon at

Nuvigil vs. Provigil

Both Nuvigil and Provigil treat the same sleep disorders, side effects, and manufacturer, but the recommended dosage for Shift Work Disorder (SWD) is differs. Nuvigil recommends 150-mg tablets daily, while Provigil recommends 200-mg tablets daily. Other differences are that only Provigil offers a generic version and it is distributed and dispensed internationally, whereas Nuvigil is confined only to the United States. Also, Nuvigil is the brand name of armodafinil, and Provigil is the brand name of modfanil.

All in all, Nuvigil may have quite a few side effects and the research for its addictive properites, although said to be similar to Provigil, is practically non-existent, Nuvigil is an excellent medicinal tool to keep you awake throughout the day if you have trouble with constant sleepiness. The good in this drug obviously outweighs the bad, because the side effects are reportedly rare and it helps people to be the successful selves they can be if they weren’t dragged down by their own tired eyes.

Modafinil – Effective Drugs in Mood Enhancement and Memory Improvement

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Smart Drugs

Author: jacob

Chemical enhancement is spreading in the world of academia. Students have long used cups of coffee and caffeine pills in attempts to stay awake for revision. But now modafinil is becoming increasingly popular in several top American and British universities as students seek to achieve a competitive edge in their exams.

Modafinil stimulates the brain making you feel more alert and awake. Modafinil is non-addictive, has no side effects and does not affect sleep patterns.

Modafinil a psycho stimulant drug was created to improve memory and to boost or perk the mood.

Proving popular on university campuses as the ‘smart drug’ of choice, modafinil appears to be overtaking common antihyperactivity medicine Ritalin.

John Harris director of the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation from the University of Manchester stated that nootropics should be given to students to enhance their performance as these drugs can improve concentration and exam scores.

While Modafinil is still the subject of further trials, early investigations has shown that it can improve the concentration of students thus improving their learning performances. Therefore in addition to being a sleep disorders treatment, Modafinil could yet be officially recognized as a cognitive enhancer. it is also beneficial in improve memory and concentration.

Studies into the effects of Modafinil have shown it can improve mental ability without the side effects of traditional stimulants such as amphetamines or caffeine such as disturbances in sleep, psychiatric episodes, cardiovascular problems and addiction. The uniqueness of Modafinil lies in its ability to stimulate only when stimulation is needed.

Barbara Sahakian, Cambridge University, Professor of Neuropsychology tested modafinil on volunteers in a number of experiments. It was established that these volunteers showed ability to learn faster, increase their mental agility and show a great concentration.

Numerous human trials have focused on modafinil as a therapeutic agent to help maintain vigilance and alertness. One clinical trial compared modafinil to amphetamine describing amphetamine as “vigilance increasing” and modafinil as “vigilance promoting.” This comment is interesting because as we’ve observed modafinil doesn’t prevent someone from sleeping if they want to, but if they desire to stay awake they can do so with greater alertness.

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Hello, this is Sugi San. An assistant of a MD (doctors). I love my profession as we help others and give them a new hope to live their lives with a new vision.

Earlier I discovered that Modafinil was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for Narcolepsy.

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Aniracetam – The Best Brain Boosting Drug

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Author: mac leo

Aniracetam belongs to a category of drugs called pyrrolidinones used to enhance cognitive function. Though initially developed and used for the treatment of diseases like dementia and Alzhiemers, new studies on Aniracetam’s effect on behavioural and psychological symptoms have widened the scope of this drug to include the treatment of various central nervous disorders and conditions

Aniracetam is prescribed by doctors to general people aw well who are otherwise normal and healthy but  just want to boost their mental abilities.

For example with aniracetam it is possible to improve memory recall, elevate mood and enhance the cognitive ability of the brain. There is a flood of memory enhancer drugs available in the market today. So you must be careful while choosing one for yourself. There is very little or no toxicity related to the use of Aniracetam with very few to no adverse effects.

The key function of this drug is that, it helps to modulate the acetylcholine system of the brain. This enables Aniracetam to enhance and improve the mental function of the brain and also increase the memory capacity. Not only that, researchers have found that Aniracetam has a beneficial effect on the immune system of the body.

Thus by improving the immune system, Aniracetam makes the body strong to fight minor infections and diseases, thereby promoting overall health and vitality. The smart drug is also very beneficial in the treatment of senile forgetfulness.

Research has shown Aniracetam to drastically increase cognitive health by promoting better absorption of the nutrients, as well as increasing the brain’s ability to use neurotransmitters more effectively.

Synaptine Elite, Sarpol, Ampapet etc. are the other market names of this drug.   The drug can be bought as a dietary supplement in the US. However this is not the case in Europe. In Europe Aniracetam is only available to patients with neurodegenerative conditions by prescription.

Recommended dosage is one or two tablets 750 mg on a daily basis. The dosage should not however exceed the recommended dose.

An interesting fact about these nootropics drugs is that these can be mix and matched with each other and sometimes the synergistic combination of two drugs proves to be more effective. However caution must be taken as Aniracetam may increase the effects of certain drugs, such as amphetamines, psychotropics, and Hydergine.

There are are no or very little adverse effects. Mild anxiety, sleeplessness etc are the minor adverse effects associated with this drug. Otherwise the medicine is completely safe to use and can be taken at  your own discretion.

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Hello, I am Mac leo from germany. As a health researcher, educator, and planner, I have worked in alternative and complementary medicine from many years. I am doing research on Aniracetam that help to improve memory recall.