Modafinil – Effective Drugs in Mood Enhancement and Memory Improvement

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Chemical enhancement is spreading in the world of academia. Students have long used cups of coffee and caffeine pills in attempts to stay awake for revision. But now modafinil is becoming increasingly popular in several top American and British universities as students seek to achieve a competitive edge in their exams.

Modafinil stimulates the brain making you feel more alert and awake. Modafinil is non-addictive, has no side effects and does not affect sleep patterns.

Modafinil a psycho stimulant drug was created to improve memory and to boost or perk the mood.

Proving popular on university campuses as the ‘smart drug’ of choice, modafinil appears to be overtaking common antihyperactivity medicine Ritalin.

John Harris director of the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation from the University of Manchester stated that nootropics should be given to students to enhance their performance as these drugs can improve concentration and exam scores.

While Modafinil is still the subject of further trials, early investigations has shown that it can improve the concentration of students thus improving their learning performances. Therefore in addition to being a sleep disorders treatment, Modafinil could yet be officially recognized as a cognitive enhancer. it is also beneficial in improve memory and concentration.

Studies into the effects of Modafinil have shown it can improve mental ability without the side effects of traditional stimulants such as amphetamines or caffeine such as disturbances in sleep, psychiatric episodes, cardiovascular problems and addiction. The uniqueness of Modafinil lies in its ability to stimulate only when stimulation is needed.

Barbara Sahakian, Cambridge University, Professor of Neuropsychology tested modafinil on volunteers in a number of experiments. It was established that these volunteers showed ability to learn faster, increase their mental agility and show a great concentration.

Numerous human trials have focused on modafinil as a therapeutic agent to help maintain vigilance and alertness. One clinical trial compared modafinil to amphetamine describing amphetamine as “vigilance increasing” and modafinil as “vigilance promoting.” This comment is interesting because as we’ve observed modafinil doesn’t prevent someone from sleeping if they want to, but if they desire to stay awake they can do so with greater alertness.

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Earlier I discovered that Modafinil was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for Narcolepsy.

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