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College Students and The “Smart Drug” Epidemic

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College Students and The “Smart Drug” Epidemic

By James J. Egidio

College students have found a new way to study that is much more effective than the library. However, it’s also illegal and dangerous, and is an issue that has raised much concern in recent years. Using and/or selling prescription medications without a prescription is a felony, and many college students fail to realize that. Several of the using students do not want to give up their super-powered cram sessions for the sake of the law. Smart drugs, study drugs, or what scientists call ‘cognitive enhancers’ like Adderall or Ritalin are being taken by college students with no medical need for them; they are taken simply as a study aid.

First hand users who have been brave enough to talk about the epidemic say that the drugs help them focus, sit still, and remain motivated about studying and doing homework. Adderall is the most popular drug on college campuses nationwide, known simply as ‘Addy’ by the students. It gives them more brainpower and allows them to study for long periods of time without getting tired or bored. Many people might think that if it helps them do better in school, that they might have an attention problem and actually need the drugs prescribed. However, most of them are just normal young adults who don’t want to study or who would rather be out having fun. Continue reading